LWSS Dental Care Plan


LWSS Family Dentistry strives to provide the highest quality dental care to all of our patients. We aim to provide a caring and professional environment that promptly and efficiently addresses all our patients’ needs. We strive to be a positive influence on the communities in which we service. That is why we are happy to annouce our LWSS DENTAL CARE PLAN. If you do not have insurance or are looking for an affordable solution for dental care, please see what LWSS can do for you.


  • Two routine dental examinations during a 12-month period.
  • Two routine dental cleanings during a 12-month period.
  • Bitewing X-rays once yearly.
  • Panorex X-ray or FMX once every 3 years.
  • 15% discount on dental care (*except as noted below).
  • Children under 18 will receive Fluoride treatment with dental cleanings.


*** Membership benefits apply 12 months from enrollment date.

Plan Details and Pricing

Annual fee for all family members over the age of 13 will also be $350.00. Annual fee for children under 13 will be $300.00. Additional family members do not need to enroll on the same date. The membership will be in effect for each member for the 12-month term according to their own enrollment date. Children who are comfortable with routine dental care are eligible for this program. Children who require restraint, sedation or other extraordinary measures are not eligible for the Care Plan.


  • Membership fee is non-refundable and non-transferable to another patient.
  • Benefits are only applicable at LWSS and are non-transferable. This membership does not apply to care provided by specialists to whom you may be referred for non-routine care.
  • This membership will not cover periodontal cleanings. More advanced gum problems and heavy calculus accumulation require additional care. Prescribed non-surgical periodontal treatment will be eligible for the 15% discount, and routine cleanings will be provided to patient as stated above upon completion of non-surgical periodontal treatment.
  • The 15% discount may not be combined with any other special or discount offered by the practice to it’s patients.
  • General dental care must be provided by LWSS.

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